C and J Cart Repair, LLC offers shopping cart and grocery cart repair services in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, and Tennessee.

Since 1990, C and J Cart Repair, LLC has been the premier provider of shopping cart repairs, sanitation, wheel replacements, and welding repairs in the southeastern United States. We are an exclusive service provider for Kroger stores and we are the proud recipient of the 2008 Kroger Vendor of the Year Award.

We offer on-site single wheel and castor replacements, as well as whole shopping cart services including steam cleaning or cold sanitation to remove heavy grim, dirt, and oil from your grocery carts.

We do custom welding and cart repairs, so those hard-to-find specialty parts are no longer a problem!

Call C and J Cart Repair, LLC at (901) 268-4799 for a free estimate!

Services Include

  • Storage rack repair
  • Sidewalk cleaning
  • Cart wheel replacements and lubrications
  • Plastic cart repair
  • Kiddie cart repair
  • Steam cleaning
  • Basket and cart back welding
  • Frame welding
  • Seat belt replacements
  • Baby seat and leg hole welding
  • Stock cart repair and wheel replacement
  • Replacement and frame repair